Character Creation and Advancement

Rolling stats for your character is done as described in the Player’s Handbook (roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die six times).

At first level, your character’s hit points will be calculated as shown below. This is to ensure that players have enough stamina to use at least the least powerful or complex of spells, maneuvers and powers.

The table below shows the hit points each character gains according to class hit die. This includes hit points for the first two levels, assuming both levels are from the same class, as well as hit points gained each level after second. To ensure that characters have a consistent ammount of hit points for abilities, there will be no random generation of hit points at each level.

Hit Die Level 1 HP* HP for each level after 1st*
d4 7 hp 3 hp
d6 10 hp 4 hp
d8 13 hp 5 hp
d10 16 hp 6 hp
d12 19 hp 7 hp
  • Totals shown are for hit dice only and do not include the constitution modifier bonus or HP increases from other sources such as feats, spells, or equipment.

For all levels, players gain extra HP equal to their constitution modifier multiplied by their current character level.

Character Creation and Advancement

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