Changes to Feats

The following feats have been changed to fit into the campaign:

  • Metamagic feats: Metamagic feats increase the casting DC of whatever spell it affects. After metamagic feats are applied, the ammount of possible drain (as seen in the Magic Cheat Sheet given to players of spellcasting characters) is based off of the new casting DC. The DM can provide the DC increase for metamagic feats not listed on the Magic Cheat Sheet.
  • Silent spell and it’s variations are not avaialbe in this campaign, as the use of verbal components is optional.
  • Martial Study (Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords, page 31-32) grants a character four maneuver slots with which to learn one or more maneuvers. A character must still find the martial script for the maneuver they wish to learn, as well as meet the prerequisites for that maneuver in order to learn it.

New Feats

  • Mechanical Aptitude (General) +2 to Use Machinery checks.


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