General Tone

Mugen Yume Kaimel, as the Japanese wording suggests, is a campaign based on anime and manga. This lends to some over-the-top events and actions on the parts of both the player characters and the non-player characters they encounter. Some of the NPCs the PCs meet may even match them in terms of skill and ability, making for some very interesting encounters.

Like many anime or manga, the game will have its humorous moments, as well as its serious ones. Neither comedy nor drama take center stage, nor will either be entirely absent from the game. Characters can run the gamut from deep and brooding to simply silly. Still, even the most serious of characters can make everyone at the table chuckle on occasion, and the biggest clown may cry for a good reason once in awhile.

Most importantly, Mugen Yume Kaimel is a character-driven game. Comradery, rivalry, love, hatred, and other bonds between characters often drive the story as much as events and singular player motivation does. Each player character has their own hopes and dreams, and while continuing their primary quest as a group, they will find themselves embarking on journeys of their own.

Much of this game might not seem ‘realistic’, but remember: this IS a fantasy game, and sometimes, the laws of physics (to quote Vaarsuvius of “The Order of the Stick”) “proves itself willing to sneak into a back alley to service Drama as would a copper-piece harlot.” My advice on this matter is to just go with it.

General Tone

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