Restricted and Altered Spells

Restricted Spells

The following spells will not be available to player characters in this setting. There is a chance, however, that a spell from this list will appear as the situation demands it.

Reincarnation, Raise Dead, Resurrection, True Resurrection, and other ‘come back to life’ spells.

These spells are not known in the world of Kaimel. It is believed that the power over life and death is something that should only be wielded by the Dreamer himself. To that effect, no spell that can bring a soul back from the dead has ever been heard of in Kaimel, save for a little-known legend…


Clone is not going to be available for player characters. The spell is said to exist, but only because it had to be banned at one point or another. Some of the more nefarious arcanists in the past have attempted to clone themselves in an effort to circumvent the will of the Dreamer. When other wizards and cleics had discovered these rituals, there was an outcry due to the belief that the power over life and death should not be held in the hands of mere mortals.

Altered Spells

Spells on this list may be changed from their PHB/SRD variations to better fit the flavor of the campaign

Baleful Polymorph

This spell works as described in the PHB/SRD, except that the Will save to be taken after 24 consecutive hours in the new form is always DC 15. Kaimel has its share of Baleful Polymorph victims-turned-mice, -dogs, -cherobas, -fish, -chipmunks, -squirrels, -chickens, -rabbits, etc. There are even tales of an assasin turned into a common house cat that continues to terrorize even the heartiest of adventurers to this day.

Restricted and Altered Spells

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