Things to keep in mind

It’s all a dream… just not yours.

All that is the universe of the Infinite Dream is within the mind of an eternally-slumbering Dreamer, so it is safe to assume that it is all a dream, even though to it’s inhabitants, it’s life. Living in a dream world means that all sorts of things can happen, even things that you may not expect. The question of the personal dreams of others also has a link to the Infinite Dream itself. Needless to say, the cosmology of Kaimel is based on dreams, be those of a great, slumbering deity, or the dreams of heroes and commoners within.

One dreamer, many personalities

Within the Dreamer’s dream, there are many powerful entities that helped in the creation of the dream, each based on a specific aspect of the world, such as certain emotions, concepts, or traits. These entities have become known as the Dreamer’s personalities. Religion in Kaimel is based on the worship of these personalities, so several factions exist to complement or oppose one-another.

Magic is powerful… (it might even kill you).

Spellcasting characters are capable of weaving powerful magical spells at will. There is, however, a price. Arcane, divine, and primal magic is channeled through the caster. Allowing such raw energy to course through your body can take a heavy toll, especially with more powerful spells. Not only must the caster’s body withstand the rigors of this untamed energy, but they must also be able to control it at the same time. To this effect, this campaign’s magic system is based off of the one described in Advanced d20 Magic by Guardians of Order. Basically, casting spells causes non-lethal drain on the caster, which can be reduced with a successful fortitude save. Failing such a save also requires some effort to control the spell through a Spellcraft check. The penalty for failing to control the spell can range from an embarrassing side-effect to something far deadlier, depending on how powerful the spell is.

A world of magic and technology

Along with the spells and rituals we’ve all come to know and love in fantasy games, there are various levels of technology interwoven throughout. Communication, be it written, verbal, or otherwise, matches that of our modern age in just about every way due to magic being integrated into communication technology. Magic items that emulate whispering wind or message, for example, seem much like cellular phones or walkie-talkies from our reality.

Transportation and weaponry, however, may be a little bit more primitive in design. While roads have not been made between major metropolitan areas due to the abundance of fierce monsters, ground-based vehicles are still produced for the wealthier citizens of the world. Such vehicles, powered by both steam and magic, resemble those designed in the early 20th century, but can achieve great speeds, almost like modern vehicles. Weapons such as pistols, rifles, and other firearms do exist, but aren’t quite as commonplace. These things are produced by the industrious gnomes and are almost kept secret. As a result, there are a few gunsmiths throughout the world, if one knows where to look.

Things to keep in mind

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