Welcome to “Infinte Dream: Kaimel”, an anime-inspired campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, or whatever d20 game we happen to be playing at the time. This setting takes place in Kaimel, a world created as the dream of an eternally-slumbering god known as “The Dreamer”. Kaimel is a world filled with all sorts of action and adventure, where the spells fly thick and fast, heroes take on near-impossible odds, and things that were once thought as only fantasy become reality. This is my first attempt at creating a full campaign, and I hope you all enjoy playing within it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

If you’d like to learn the rules for this campaign, including changes from the standard d20 system and rules on making a player character for the campaign, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about the world of Kaimel, click here.

Mugen Yume Kaimel