Introduction to Kaimel

Infinite Dream Kaimel (or Mugen Yume Kaimel) is a Dungeons & Dragons/d20 setting inspired by Japanese media, specifically anime and manga. It uses the basic d20 rules for most mechanics, but uses magic/martial system that makes a character’s stamina as important as their skill in casting spells or performing maneuvers. This way, characters can be weakened by the magic coursing through their bodies, or the physical exertion of martial attacks.

Religion in this world is based on the idea that the entire world is the dream of an almighty entity known as “the Dreamer”, who sleeps for eternity to maintain the universe in his mind. He is also said to have various ‘personalities’, which allow for various churches and organizations that lead worship of such aspects as love, madness, courage, and numerous others. While the ‘real’ personality of the Dreamer is unknown, and still debated to this day, all can agree that his influence is universal.

The campaign will take place some time after the cataclysmic “nightmare days” in which a malevolent, almighty being known as the Nightmare-Bringer caused death and destruction all over the world of Kaimel. The once mighty empire of humans had been decimated and scattered across the lands into separate kingdoms and principalities, while the elder kingdoms of dwarves, elves, halflings, gnomes, and orcs watch from the background. Beneath the land, the underkingdoms of drow and duergar, as well as various other underground civilizations, plot to take over the surface. So, even after legendary heroes had been able to defeat the Nightmare-Bringer, turmoil still exists and adventures could be found for those who seek it.

Exciting adventure, over-the-top action, and various relations between PCs and NPCs are all the bill of fare in Infinite Dream Kaimel.

Introduction to Kaimel

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